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International Tech Starters

Entrepreneurial program for starters in international business with hands-on coaching support focusing on technology trade, co-production and collaboration for softlanding and export in Europe and Latin America.

For technology based businesses on sectors: energy, water, agri, food, construction and tourism.
Startups ( less than 3 years) and SMEs (more than 3 years and less than 25% export quote)

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Growthcamp. Motivation and international ambitions to define target markets.
Tech Trade Intelligence. Q&A to identify business opportunities relevant for market entry.
Entrepreneur, technology and company readiness assessment for internationalisation.
International softlanding SWOT to support your decision and set internationalisation priorities.
Action plan for international and sustainable growth in your top emerging market

Become an International Tech Starter on 2017!
Get out of the building & across borders.Green Innovation Developers

Our Journey to Lean Technology Trade

Busy Group of People Discussion about Startup BusinessEntrepreneur + Technology GrowthCamps are meetings to discover innovation opportunities in diverse markets and sectors in EU & LATAM.

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BiTour_promo_animationMatchmaking for technology partnering takes place on BiTour.
Business Innovation Tours are technology trade missions in Europe & Latin America.

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You have already validated a market and identified potential clients. Are you now looking for funding and partners to make more deals?

Partner for International & Sustainable Growth


Deploy your solution as an innovative product or service in new markets.
Our ecosystem can enable you to prospect and roll out into more than 10 countries.

Grow Lean

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We connect starters with to reliable trade and investment partners to setup commercial or industrial and/or international operations.

Grow Global

Green Tech Business Innovation & Trade

Make more deals with less waste.Groei Internationaal & Duurzaam

Green Impact

Green Tech innovations that can drive meaningful change towards sustainability and green up our future such as circular economy, bio-economy, cleantech, smart cities, industry 4.0, internet of things, robotics & next tech trends.

Enabling Starters

Enabling technologies and starters in international business with the ambition to grow global and disrupt local industries in energy, cities, water, climate, agri-food, construction, hospitality & tourism sectors. Make more K2B, B2B & B2G deals.

Emerging Markets

We have organically built entrepreneurial bridges in more than 10 countries in Europe and Latin America. Founded in Holland and Hecho en Mexico. Expanded to the heart of EU in Belgium and reaching into LATAM in Brazil.

business model innovation

We strive for fair partnerships with entrepreneurs with startups, public & private. We collaborate with business support matchmakers, local ecosystems, incubators, research institutes & industry.

Funding & Tech Acceleration

Access innovation funding, netowrk and resources for proof of concept, market fit, rapid prototyping, demonstration pilots with launching customers and production integration with industrial partners.

Growth Capital & Trade Intel

Access private capital, bilateral funding and financial instruments for internationalisation, feasibility studies, reliable partnering, trade operations & investment.

Technology Entrepreneurship

We are a team of young and experienced entrepreneurs who are passionate about technology and enabling founders from early stage to growing startups with innovation partners and access to capital.

Lean Business Development

We explore diverse new markets, scout proven technologies, connect entrepreneurs & match opportunities using the lean method, trust & condfidence for more reliable international business.

Cross Cultural Support

We bring interpreneurship: interpreters for international entrepreneurs and innovators. Prepare to do business with smarter marketing, cultural interpretation and technical expert support.


A smarter and greener international business experience.Go On BiTour

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