Powering the
Energy Transition

Startups and SME executives in Renewable Energy

incubation, acceleration and internationalisation

Sustainable Innovation Festival in Mexico and Europe

RESTART is our Solution to Power the Energy Transition

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    Startups and SMEs

    a place where startups and SMEs can find coaching from experts of the energy market and technology innovation

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    Attractive Investments

    A place where investors can find attractive and innovative solutions for emerging markets in renewables

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    Renewable energy sector

    An international bridge that accelerates renewable energy sector with international cooperation, business development and technology innovation

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    Mexican Energy Market

    Direct communication with the Mexican renewable energy industry, market opportunities and constant exposure for possible clients

  • The Mexican Energy Reform has exceeded the expectations; installed capacity on Solar and Wind technologies has increased by a factor of 3 in recent years
  • Decentralized generation is expected to be the next wave; solar residential market increasing 120% each year
  • 35% of electricity mix in Mexico will come from renewable energy


  • Startups in the Netherlands have raised more than 200 million euros in investment
  • 285 startups ready to play an important role in the energy transition
  • international DNA in Dutch startups
  • One of the best entrepreneurial ecosystems and leading world-wide in sustainable energy innovation


Renewable Incubator

€ 500,-

Camping Festival Package
  • Launch your Renewable Startup in 1 month
  • Draft a Business Plan with Sustainable Technology Co-creation and International Validation by Green ID
  • Develop your concept with renewable energy experts from industry, innovation centers and government during 1 weekend at our RESTART camping festivals in Mexico or Europe
  • Setup your proof of concept and demo with end users

RESTART in your Startup Hub

Become a RESTART Partner
  • Mexican and Dutch incubators and startup hubs: you can nominate entrepreneurs to join RESTART as your international program on renewable energy
  • Position your startup incubator or business innovation center in Europe and Latin America
  • Finding funding for proof of concept and demonstration projects with public institutions, private investors and international cooperation

For any questions regarding RESTART, don’t hesitate to reach us!

The most gratifying experience is to team up to develop projects. Our combined competencies enable us to move forward.Fernando Flores, Executive Director and Lead Business Developer