International Technology Starters individual coaching program

Our individual coaching program for entrepreneurs and executives supports you in preparing your technology company for export during sessions dedicated to understand your international ambitions, define and validate promising markets that suits your innovation, answer your questions related to your internationalisation strategy and assess your skills, business and technology to set an export-ready action plan.

Founded in Holland?

iTechStarters Holland is our international coaching program that takes place in the Netherlands. Our 5-step interactive approach considers 3 to 5 coaching sessions to prepare your company for technology commercialization and export. Our coaching sessions usually take place in Den Haag, Enschede, Rotterdam, Eindhoven or Amsterdam.

Green ID has been selected by the Netherlands Enterprise Agency to deliver the Starters International Business individual coaching traject.
Companies registered in the Netherlands can get 100% reduction on iTechStarters with a SIB coaching voucher valued at €2.400,- (VAT excl.)


Made in Mexico?

iTechStarters Mexico is our international coaching program that takes place in Mexico. Our 5-step interactive approach considers 3 to 5 coaching sessions to prepare any Mexican organization, from innovative startups to companies established in industry, to do business in Europe: international cooperation and export. Our coaching sessions usually take place in Mexico City, Guadalajara or Monterrey.

Green ID has been invited by JALTRADE to encourage Mexican companies registered in the state of Jalisco to apply for a subsidy that covers iTechStarters Mexico and consultancy for export preparations.


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    Explore Potential

    Define target markets (countries) based on: the motivation; ambitions; the potential of the company and its home market; the unique selling and buying points of the technology, product or service.

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    Validate Markets

    From a long list to a short list. Countries of the first session are studied in more details. A top 3 and a number one target market will be selected.

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    Assess Readiness

    Entrepreneur, technology and company readiness assessment for internationalization.

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    Develop International Plan

    SWOT analysis to develop a internationalization plan, to support your decisions and set internationalization priorities.

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    Prepare actions to export

    Actions that need to be done to become successful in the target market and for sustainable growth of your international business in general.

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Our team at Green ID can provide you hands-on support with local market insights and trust-worthy connections in more than 20 countries as gateways into Europe and Latin America. It is also possible to consider global markets. We combining diverse technical backgrounds, generations and about 60 years of experience in technology transfer, entrepreneurship, cross-cultural business, international cooperation, innovation funding, co-production, supply chain management and internationalisation for sustainable innovations.

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