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Green Tech
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internationalisation plan with steps to grow-to-market

Achieve International and Sustainable Growth

Our Business Club is our fast-track membership program for sustainable technologies to provide guidance through an incubation, acceleration and internationalisation process – depending what you need to get there. We design a package containing only the most relevant services on a need-to-grow basis, which becomes your internationalisation plan.
Our plans include only what is required to reach your international ambition, at your own pace:
coaching sessions from our iTechStarters program, working meetings to provide local insight in your target market, participation in trade missions, commercial representation, business development and assignments such as market research, fact-checking, partner search, feasibility studies, demonstration projects, investment search and more.


€ 1.500,-

Per Quarter
  • International Tech Startup Business Plan.
    Includes 1 ticket for E+GrowthCamp in Holland or Restart Mexico KampFest
  • Participation in a BiTour or Finding Funding support are additional services


€ -

Per Program (2 to 3 years)
  • Tech+Market Validation for Multiple Business Cases
  • Bilateral Trade Mission + Technology Brokering Support
  • Project Pipeline + Finding Bilateral Funding Support

For any questions regarding our pricing and services above, don’t hesitate to reach us!

You can benefit from becoming a member of the Green ID Business Club in the following ways

  • Connector.

    Plan your International Business Strategy

    + assign activities to validate your internationalisation project or business innovation research
    + develop a sound business plan to propose a niche market abroad to your partners and investors
    + bring a new business opportunity into your company and refine this through co-creation with us

  • Connector.

    Accelerate your Technology for Commercialization

    + validate and adapt your technology to local needs with feasibility and demonstration projects
    + develop the value chain to deliver an integrated product or service based on your technology
    + find funding from private or public sources to implement your technology trade operations

  • Connector.

    Become a regional leader in sustainable technology

    + scout or export technology into new markets according to the needs of your group or cluster
    + develop a project pipeline driven by business, with high impact potential in your regional economy
    + acquire unique knowledge and involve decision makers on attainable sustainable technology projects

Frequently Asked Questions

Green ID Business Club is more than a membership program; it is our business development framework in which we assess what needs to be executed to validate or invalidate your project. We define a project from A to B, from your local to international market, from uncertainty to a concrete business case – and put this in a package of services, with actions to take and tag this with investment requirements. That will enable you to raise funding and find the right partners.
As a member of the Green ID Business Club, you can get iTechStarters coaching sessions as required to assess your international business ambitions, technology and business readiness to grow into the most suitable target market in Europe or Latin America.
Our lean internationalisation plans are designed with best practices directives including lean startup method, technology based business co-creation, expert technical knowledge and trade intelligence with access to local insights from our international ecosystem.
We have designed our plans for flexibility when considering a business executive’s agenda, within a reasonable budget considering the scope of activities to be performed by senior business developers and defining an attainable period for doing international business.
The real cost of international business is hidden in every additional trip that one must make in order to maintain business relations and validate opportunities. Green ID has invested during 5 years in the part of business development with the highest risk: exploration. A good estimation we always give is: hire a full time, junior business developer during 1 full year and invest in at least 2 1-week trips to a target market.
That is at least about €25.000 in savings. On top of that you save more because our team consists of senior business developers and we have already explored about 20 countries!
1. Send us an email to iconnect [at] to schedule a free intake interview.
2. During our meeting, we agree on targets and define deliverables.
3. We provide information and we check eligibility on grants or subsidy schemes that apply to the service you require.
4. As soon as we sign the contract with agreed payment scheme, we can stat.
5. You receive your very own Green Id! Now you can build an international projects pipeline as a Green ID Business Club member and seize opportunities in Europe and Latin America!
We usually find funding from grants and subsidies dedicated to support startups, small and medium enterprises to accelerate innovation with proof of concept, feasibility, demonstration projects; provide internationalisation support with (partial) travel expenses and organization of trade missions or matchmaking activities; and position your project by providing access to strategic venues and forums with policy makers, investment funds or directly with industry. Use our bridge for cross-cultural business as your platform for international and sustainable growth.
You should totally try all of these at least once to learn if your company is ready to take the risk and put your international ambitions into perspective!
This is how we started in 2012. Today we are glad that we have personally met hundreds of technology entrepreneurs in many countries – because we put our time, money and risk as entrepreneurs ourselves! We learned to collaborate with clusters and helped them to define ways to work closer with new technology trends and support the entrepreneurs within their ecosystem.
Thanks to our experience by taking part in trade missions organized by European and Latin American public bodies and international expert consultancy firms, we designed our own: Business Innovation Tours. We are able to collaborate under international cooperation frameworks providing a business development shortcut and simplified guidance to entrepreneurs at SMEs who dare to do international business.
All of this is what you get when you are ready to learn from our experience and build on your own lean international plan!
My passion is to overcome the new challenges that each project or company confronts when going international – to startup abroad. The most gratifying experience is to team up to develop projects. Our combined competencies enable us to move forward.Fernando Flores, Executive Director and Lead Business Developer