BiTour Program: Mexico 2018

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    Circular 4.0 BiTour Mexico
    13-27 NOV 2018

    APPLY UNTIL 30 OCT 2018
    trademissions [at]

  • Circular 4.0 BiTour Mexico invites projects on biogas, renewables and IOT applied to the horti-fruit, agri-food, aquaculture and export logistics sectors. This trade mission is dedicated to fact-checking and matchmaking with partners throughout key regions in Mexico from Bajio to Pacifico.

    The call is open until 30 OCT 2018 for technology companies based in the Netherlands. Representatives from other European Union member states may join only by personal invitation.

    Interested in doing a feasibility study for a niche market?
    You should have at least a proof of concept, revenue from other services and at least 3 full-time employees in your startup or SME.

    Interested in a demonstration project with a local partner?
    You should have a demonstrated technology and already clients in Europe or world-wide. Feasibility study requirements also apply.

    Companies taking part in this BiTour must enroll in one of our programs.


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